My Approach

I wish I could be the perfect case study. I wish I could take some experimental drug, measured in milliliters, compared up against my doppelganger with identical fibroids, taking a placebo. Take an ultrasound every month and measure her tumors against mine.

As it stands, I am basically throwing everything up against the wall in hopes something sticks. And I probably won’t have any evidence of my progress or lack thereof for a while. I was recommended to have another ultrasound done in 6 months. That’s taking me up to November.

I’m willing to consider surgical options to get rid of the tumors. Especially if I can stop them from growing and figure out the underlying cause. I’m especially keen on what they call uterine artery embolization–that doesn’t require any surgery. Another thing I’d be willing to try is focused laser or ultrasound–basically burning the tumors remotely. That still has to be approved by the FDA.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’m doing for myself.


The first thing my gut told me to make changes to was my diet. I think it may just be my knee-jerk reaction, trying to find one aspect of my life that I can control in hopes the fibroids shrink.

No more spam croissants and Wawa hoagies. Which means basically, I’ve got to fix my own meals.

To overcome the energy hurdle, for the first two months I’ve lived off an Amazon Fresh subscription. Yeah, I literally could not get up and go to the grocery store. I bought mostly fruits and vegetables, with the occasional loaf of fresh bread and organic meat. Since I wasn’t up to cooking, I’ve basically packed myself a daily lunch of raw fruits and vegetables.

In addition, I’ve been trying to avoid the following:

Alcohol. Overtaxes the liver, which should be metabolizing estrogen. Also bad preservatives and congeners. I was drinking maybe a glass of wine a night, 4-5 days a week. I’ve cut it down to a small glass on Friday nights for Shabbat.

Caffeine. Purely on the recommendation of almost every site on dealing with fibroids. This was the hardest one! I went from drinking at least 2 16-oz coffees loaded with artificial creamer to… nothing. It took about a week and I had very little withdrawal. I think it was time. I feel so much better without it, and I’m peeing less.

Processed meat. Cows are fed a lot of artificial growth hormones that act as pseudo-estrogen compounds. Also, there are tons of artificial things in processed meat that I can’t even pronounce. If I’m going to clean up my diet, I may as well dispense with the bologna and hot dogs.

Dairy. Because cows are fed lots of hormones. I was going to just go for organic dairy, but my gynecologist actually suggested that there have been studies that show a protein in cow’s milk, casein, may contribute to fibroid growth. It’s worth a shot.

Green Juice

I bought a masticating juicer as a birthday gift to me, after watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Rather than extol the benefits of juicing, I’ll simply exhort my reader to watch this movie.

I quickly found that to get most of my calories from fruits and vegetables required a lot of chewing. Rather than sit at my desk munching on carrot sticks all day, I’ve been bringing in a pint of homemade vegetable juice daily. I’ve already made one convert in the office who loved my green pineapple mojito!

Juicing has helped me to slip in some of those harder-to-enjoy food items, like ginger, beets, turmeric and other “superfoods” that I wouldn’t otherwise eat very often. I absolutely hate chowing through green salads, but they’re quite palatable in juice and aren’t loaded with fatty dressings.


  • Olly’s gummy multivitamin.
  • Iron (Slow FE) – recommended dosage.
  • Vitamin D (chewable tab) recommended dosage. There are at least two studies that seem to suggest Vitamin D is related to fibroid growth. I work indoors, so I’ve been trying to get at least 10 minutes of sun daily now.
  • B-Complex – recommended dosage.
  • Magnesium Complex (1 daily – recommended up to 3/day). I have restless leg and this seems to help but I’ll include it as something I’m taking.
  • Bromelain (Nature’s Bounty) – recommended dosage. Proteolytic enzyme from pineapple rumored to help dissolve fibroids.
  • Vitex – recommended dosage. Vitex is an extract of “chasteberry” that is supposed to help balance estrogen/progesterone.


I’ve been super bad with this. But… I’m up to 10 minutes on the elliptical, maybe 2x/week, and a few rounds of light weights. That’s better than no exercise at all.


I haven’t tried this route just yet. I intend to drop in to a chiropractor once my insurance deductible rolls over so I can get a naturalist take on my situation. I’m willing to sit through the fine needles if I don’t have to go under a knife.


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